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Clean Coal Company Opens Briquette Sales Market by Many Measures
Author:Li Chunyu from Clean Coal Company Published: [2013-04-01]

Recently, in order to open briquette sales market and expand marketing channel, Clean Coal Company has take many measures to strengthen market development and sales of briquette, which obtained good results. 

Since long-time running of lignite upgrading test device, briquette inventory was increased; storage under spring wind conditions had potential safety hazard, which restricted normal operation to some extent. Moreover, as briquette is a new product in coal field, clients have low awareness of it and lack confidence in it, it application range needs further expansion, and how to impress clients, open market and expand marketing channel as soon as possible has become immediate great test and urgent problem for Clean Coal Company to solve. 

In view of this tough situation, Clean Coal Company established sales leading group around the principles of “open market and explore multi-field applications of briquette”, and led by top leader of the company, business division was refined, sales strategies were studied, sales objectives were made and the entire personnel was mobilized to take participation. Company leaders took the initiative to make market promotion, seek for business opportunities and strengthen business communications with surrounding coal chemical company, cement plant and power plant through market survey, analysis and contacting potential users. Meanwhile, the company actively engaged in cooperation with Hailaer Energy Sales Co., Ltd. of Shenhua Trading Group Limited and Sales Company of Dayan Mining Bureau, with the help of the existing marketing channels and market sources of both companies, trying to open export sales market. 

With joint efforts, the company has now established sense of long term cooperation with several local coal chemical enterprises, and has concluded trial sale contract with Jinxin Chemical Company and other enterprises. Good news also came from Heilongjiang market, where trial sale clients gave good response and concluded briquette bulk purchase contract, and export sales for the first time was realized by the dedicated rail link of Shenbao Energy Company. 

Next, Clean Coal Company will follow the market closely and continue to contact export sales clients on the basis of exploring and consolidating neighboring markets, to guarantee production by sales, so as to ensure successful accomplishment of task indicators all year round.
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