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Four Measures of Baotou C4 Comprehensive Utilization Project Improve Management Level of Construction Site Safety Standardization
Author:Wan Ke from Engineering Branch Company Published: [2013-03-20]

In order to implement the requirements for intrinsic safety improvement and ensure effective implementation of construction site safety standardization, recently, Baotou C4 comprehensive utilization project has taken four measures to push creation of safety model construction site. 

The first one was to be strict with site access. Before the contractor entered the site, the project team checked on special operation qualifications of contractor personnel, three-level safety training & education and equipment, facilities & materials, and those not conforming to safety requirements were resolutely forbidden to enter the site or to be used. 

The second one was to adopt prototype room system. The project team required the contractor to set prototype room, place standard sample drawings of temporary power, hoisting, confined space, scaffolding and civilized construction in the prototype room in a timely manner according to construction progress of the project, and regularly organized shifts for learning practice, to continuously improve grass-root operation shift''s awareness of safety standardization. 

The third one was incorporation into shift appraisal. The project team supervised the contractor to incorporate standardization into shift appraisal, reward the good and fine the bad according to appraisal rules, and praise the good shift throughout the company on the special pages of standardization in safety briefing. 

The fourth one was to pay close attention to approval of safety expenses. The project team conducted strict review and approval for safety expenses of the contract according to standardization terms in the contract and requirements for results of contractor standardized construction, for those not conforming to standardization requirements or with insufficient safety input, timely reduced payment of related safety expenses, achieving good results of fixed fund for fixed purpose and settlement according to fact.
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