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#2 Boiler Valve Electric Device in Thermoelectric Center of Ordos CTL Branch Company is Successfully Modified
Author:Zhang Xueqiang from Ordos CTL Branch Company Published: [2013-03-01]

As is well-known, during long-time running of boiler, due to high temperature and high pressure properties of medium in pipeline, header valve electric device above outlet of boiler often had problems. In order to solve this big problem, thermoelectric production center of Ordos CTL Branch Company modified the valve electric device above outlet during this shutdown of #2 boiler. 

The valve electric device above outlet of boiler plays a very important role in start and stop of the boiler, only by it qualified steam can be sent to main pipe and to steam turbine, to make the system run normally, and only by blocking the steam back flowing from the main pipe during boiler shutdown, the equipment can be successfully cooled and overhaul can be conducted normally. After shutdown of #2 boiler, the thermoelectric production center decided to replace the original electric head with a spilt type one, which realized intelligent control and early warning, and avoided the possible damages of control part due to high temperature. Finally, with joint efforts, the spilt type electric head was successfully installed on the valve above outlet of #2 boiler and good effects were obtained in practice. 

This upgrading and modification of equipment greatly eliminated potential safety hazard, not only bringing convenience to overhaul in future, but also providing important guarantee for long-time safe and stable operation of the boiler.
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