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“Ten Key Tasks” of Clean Coal Company Ensures Completion of Work Tasks All Year Round
Author:Li Chunyu from Clean Coal Company Published: [2013-02-19]

Recently, in order to ensure successful completion of task indicators all year round, by combining practice, Clean Coal Company held a special meeting and developed “Ten Key Tasks". 

The “Ten Key Tasks" were concluding and carding of the key work all year round on the basis of work report of general manager at the beginning of the year. The “Ten Key Tasks" included production and sales task indicators, safety production indicators, defect elimination & technical innovation and process package development, briquette market development, 6S construction, performance appraisal, energy-saving and cost-reducing as well as reducing expenses. For the “Ten Key Tasks", led by the leaders of the company, definite job objectives and schedules were developed, responsibilities were implemented into departments and responsible persons, progress feedbacks were given regularly and performance evaluation was conducted. 

The “Ten Key Tasks" ran through the year of Clean Coal Company, providing strong handle for daily production and operation and providing important basis for strengthening corporate governance and improving overall management level of the company.

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