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Shenhua Baotou Coal-to-Olefin Project Successfully Passes Final Acceptance of Safety Facilities
Source: Published: [2012-08-14]

From June 29 to July 1, a 3-day inspection, evaluation and acceptance meeting was held for Shenhua Baotou Coal-to-Olefin Project by a safety acceptance team organized by Safety Supervision Bureau of Inner Mongolia, and composed of well-known professors and experts from domestic petrochemical enterprises as well as relevant leaders from Safety Supervision Bureau of Baotou. The experts agreed that the project passed the final acceptance of safety facilities. 

At the meeting, Jiang Li, assistant general manager of Beijing Engineering Branch Company gave a welcome speech, and Peng Xiaochun, assistant general manager of Beijing Engineering Branch Company and Hu Xianjun, assistant general manager of Baotou Coal Chemical Branch Company respectively gave reports on construction and trial production of the project. Hu Huazhong, secretary of the Party committee of Baotou Coal Chemical Branch Company made a statement of his position. 

The expert team, after field inspection and data review on production technologies, equipment and facilities, utilities and safe production management, agreed that the safety facilities passed the final acceptance since their design, implementation and safe production management met relevant national regulations and safe production requirements. 

Wang Yingfu, deputy director of Safety Supervision Bureau of Inner Mongolia gave full approval for implementation, safety facilities and management of Shenhua Baotou Coal-to-Olefin Project. He pointed out that implementation of the project strongly promoted economical structure adjustment as well as social and economical development, and made contributions to national unity. Successful demonstration of the project would play an important role in industrialized development of the coal-to-olefin project and in construction of subsequent projects. Especially, the trial run for more than 1 year fully verified technological feasibility, safety and reliability of the project. Safe production management should be performed further to ensure intrinsic safety of the enterprise. 

Representatives from Shenhua Group, Coal to Liquid and Chemical Company, Beijing Engineering Branch Company, Baotou Coal Chemical Branch Company as well as design institutes, construction units and supervision units attended the meeting. 

Contributed by Sun Yinghui from HSE Department and Liu Ying from Engineering Branch Company

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