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Direct Coal Liquefaction Unit of Ordos CTL Branch Company Enters into the 11th Startup Operation Phase
Source: Published: [2012-05-30]

At 7:10 of April 3rd, 2012, the direct coal liquefaction unit of Ordos CTL Branch Company formally put coal into operation; production load was increased to 70% steadily and each unit was operating in good condition, which indicates that the direct coal liquefaction unit formally enters into the 11th startup operation phase.

During the previous 10th startup operation, production and operating indices of the direct coal liquefaction unit set new records, so as to achieve a significant historical breakthrough in commercial operation of coal liquefaction and successfully complete production tasks of the first quarter of 2012, making a good beginning of production and operation in the first quarter.

To ensure success of the 11th startup of the direct coal liquefaction unit, the whole leadership and staff of Ordos CTL Branch Company worked together to shorten the overhaul cycle, persevered on the first-line of overhaul in spite of wind and rain, and finally completed the spring overhaul and startup preparations of high quality in time after more than 20 days and nights, optimizing and adjusting all the units to their best conditions successfully, so as to lay a solid foundation for production and operation of CTL plant rising to a new high and successful achieving the goal of safe, stable, long-term and satisfactory operation.

Contributor: Wang Yuhong, from Ordos CTL Branch Company

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