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Source: Published: [2010-12-15]

Guiding principle of talent development

Implementing the concept of talent is the first resource. 


Talent development principle 

Implementing principle put forward by the Party and the central government: “Serving the development, giving priority to talent, basing on application, innovating the system, high-end leading and developing in whole ”. 


Strategic philosophy of talent development 

Attracting talents across the world and granting talents without any restraints. Everyone is a talent, making the best use of them. 


Strategic principle of talent development 

Sticking to the principle of talent is the first resource and highlighting talent cultivation as the priority; Sticking to the principle of talent investment offers best returns and highlighting talent investment as the priority; Sticking to the principle of admitting the best in a democratic, open and competitive and giving priority to select those help to develop the company in a scientific manner; Sticking to the principle of value investment philosophy and giving priority to high-end talent development.  


Strategic target of talent development 

Building the best talent team in energy field. 

Efforts should be made to build a talent team within 3-5 years featuring moderate number, good qualification and reasonable structure, which can lead and support the company becoming one of the best comprehensive energy companies in the world.  

Efforts should be made in the next 3-5 years to foster a batch of excellent entrepreneurs with good management expertise and market exploration ability, a batch of technical leading talents who are experts both at home and abroad and good at resolving process technical difficulties, and also a great batch of high skill talents enjoying dedicate craftsmanship and mastering unique skill and technical know-how knowledge. 

Efforts should be made in the next 3-5 years to build up scientific talent working system,create system and mechanism favorable for talent growth, explore a complete set of effective approaches with Chinese characteristics to manage talent by the CPC in modern state owned enterprises, realizing the sustainable and healthy development of talent management works.  

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