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Signification of the Sign of China Shenhua Coal to Liquid and Chemical Co., Ltd
Source: Published: [2010-12-16]

Liquid and Chemical Co., Ltd uses the Sign of China Shenhua as its own sign. The sign is formed by five geometrical figures, representing its quintuplet business structure of coal, electric, railway, harbor and coal-to-oil and coal to chemical. The thick and sturdy geometrical figures stand for the strong economic strength, the corporate spirit of exploiting, pragmatic, and seeking for superexcellent, and the work style of preciseness and being honest. The five geometries form a ship-like figure, symbolizing that Shenhua will brave the wind and the waves and press forward with indomitable will in the market economy tide. It implies the plain sailing of Shenhua in future development. The red figure on the top looks like a banner and a burning coal, and it stands for Shenhua’s business structure of “overall industrial development on the basis of coal”. The sign is colored with red and black, which shows the soul of China Shenhua as a basic energy industry.


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