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Source: Published: [2010-12-16]

Identifying scientific and technical innovation as one of its important strategies, China Shenhua Coal to Liquid and Chemical Co., Ltd.,CSCLC. focuses on proprietary technology development and process optimization of direct coal liquefaction technology, indirect coal liquefaction, coal chemical, and development & utilization etc., and research on catalyst, equipment localization, energy saving & emission reduction and technical equipment of extended industry, providing technical support for the sustainable and healthy development of coal liquefaction and coal chemical industry. Since its development, CSCLC has undertaken 41 various scientific and technical innovation programs.

CSCLC has undertaken and participated in a total of 7 key national programs, including the National High Technology Research and Development Program 863 Program, the National Basic Research Program 973 Program of Ministry of Science and Technology, and programs of National Development and Reform Commission. 3 of which, i.e. R&D of direct coal liquefaction key technology, high efficient catalyst for direct coal liquefaction and fundamental research of large scale direct coal liquefaction etc. have been completed and accepted by Ministry of Science and Technology. Research on coal synthetic fuel CTL auto adaptation, asphalt kind material extraction from coal liquefaction residues and the development of utilization technology, new process development project of upgrading lignite to produce high quality gasification raw materials and development project of complete set of lignite pyrolysis pilot plant are being carried out.


In 2008, NDRC approved Shenhua Group’s project of constructing National Direct Coal Liquefaction Engineering Lab. Based on direct coal liquefaction demonstration project, this project will set up and improve direct coal liquefaction key technology engineering platform to focus on the R&D of core technology, key process and equipment such as direct coal liquefaction process, liquefied oil hydrogenation catalyst, reactor, key equipment, coal liquefaction high efficient catalyst and coal slurry rheology and temperature change characteristics etc. The main body of the project has been completed and the whole project will be completed in July 2011. 


Key researches on 100kt CCS Demonstration Project and coal gasification technological development etc. are being carried out.

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