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Brief Introduction of China Shenhua Coal to Liquid and Chemical Corporation Ltd.
Source: Published: [2010-12-15]

China Shenhua Coal to Liquid and Chemical Corporation Ltd.Hereinafter refereed to as CSCLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Shenhua Group Corporation Limited with a registered capital of 14.6 billion RMB. The Company was formerly known as China Shenhua Coal Liquefaction Corporation Ltd. and established on June 2003. The Company mainly engages in coal to liquid and coal chemical dominated and clean coal conversion and utilization associated business. Its main products include diesel, naphtha, LPG, polyethylene, polypropylene and methanol etc.

The Company sets up 6 subordinated branch companies like Beijing Research Institute, Shanghai Research Institute, Beijing Engineering Branch, Ordos Coal Liquefaction Branch, Baotou Coal Chemical Branch, Hulunbeier Branch; and 3 holding subsidiaries like Shenhua Coal Liquefaction Research Center Corporation Ltd., Shaanxi Xianyang Chemical Industry Co. Ltd. and Shaanxi Shenmu Chemical Industry Co. Ltd.; and also the Company shares Shenmu Huisen Liangshuijing Mining Co.Ltd. and governs Shenhua Hulunbeier Clean Coal Co.Ltd. on behalf of the owner.

The Company keeps to the management mode of “Three-in-one”, i.e. integration of science research & development, project construction, production operation. The major research and development direction of R&D is critical coal chemical conversion technology and engineering technology; project construction mainly undertakes project preliminary development and project construction management task of CSCLC; product operation mainly engages in the production of direct coal liquefaction and indirect coal liquefaction, coal to olefin and coal to methanol.

The large scale demonstration projects built up and put into operation by the Company include: Megaton Direct Coal Liquefaction Demonstration Project constructed with Shenhua’s IPR, Indirect Coal Liquefaction Demonstration Project180 kt/a adopting FT synthetic catalyst technology researched and developed independently by Shenhua,  Shenhua Baotou Coal to Olefin Projectwith an annual production capacity of 300,000 tons of polyethylene and 300,000 tons of polypropylene respectively constructed with modern coal chemical and petrochemical technology,  CCS Demonstration Project with an annual treatment capacity of 100,000 tons. The large scale coal to liquid and chemical projects are being prepared by the Company include: Shenhua-Dows Yulin Cyclic Economy and Comprehensive Utilization of Coal Project with an annual production capacity of 1.2 million tons of coal based olefin and down stream chemical products; Ordos Coal to Natural Gas Project with an annual production capacity of 2 billion cubic meters, Xinjiang Clean Coal Conversion Project, Shanxi Coal Coking Integrated Project and Shaanxi Methanol Downstream Products Processing Project etc..

Since its establishment, the Company always sticks to the people –orientated sustainable development concept, builds an environment of respecting the talents, agglomerating the talents, stimulating the talents and retaining the talents, attaches importance to the harmonious development between the employee and the enterprise. Since its establishment, 5000 plus experts and men of insight in the respect of science & technology, engineering construction and management etc. from various industries both at home and abroad gather in the Company and devote themselves to the great cause of clean coal conversion and utilization. As a high-tech modern new energy enterprise, the Company pays great importance to the role of scientific and technological innovation in the development of the Company, vigorously encourages scientific and technological innovation, applies for 127 patents accumulatively, of which, 85 are invention patent.

The Company has always been sticking to the management concept of Integrated Management, Risk Control By Means Of Authorization Management System, and the safety concept of Building Together and Sharing, Intrinsic Safety, strengthening overall risk management, continuously optimizing business process, vigorously promoting informatization construction, and striving for the stable operation, sustainable and healthy development.

Taking Energy Innovation, Prospecting Forward and Moving Ahead as its mission, sticking to the core values of People First, Daring To Be The Pioneer, Seeking Scientific Truth, the Company promotes the building of Five Type Enterprise in an all-around way. Following the development thought of Obtaining Resources, Developing Technology, Industry Demonstration, Win-win Cooperation and Expanding the Scale, taking safeguarding the national security strategy as its own responsibility, the Company is advancing bravely towards the vision goal of International New Coal Chemical Industry Forerunner.

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